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A small amount of air passes through Aprilaire bypass humidifiers, like the Model 560A, by moving from the relatively high pressure, warm air outlet of a furnace, through the humidifier to the cold air inlet. The humidified air then mixes with the return air from the home and is then distributed to each room. The 560A is perfect for loosely sealed* houses of around 1 000 sq. ft. (300 sq. m.) and tightly sealed** houses having around 4 000 sq. ft. (1 200 sq. m.).

* houses in which air is changed twice every hour
** houses in which 1/2 of their air is changed every hour

Aprilaire Bypass Humidifier Model 560A

The Model 760A high capacity*, power humidifier offers truly automatic control, so there's no need to manually control the humidifier. It is also designed with ease of service in mind.

* evaporation capacity of 0.75 gallons per hour

Aprilaire Humidifier Model 760A

The PerfectAire Fresh Air Exchanger provides a way to efficiently exchange fresh outside air for stale inside air. The exclusive EnergyMax Transfer Core uses the heat of indoor air to warm up the incoming cold fresh air, recovering about 77% of the energy.

Perfectaire Fresh Air Exchanger

The PerfectTemp Zone Control System can divide your home into as many as three heating and cooling zones. A control panel adjusts the flow of air to these three areas by activating dampers located in the air distribution ductwork. Not only can this increase occupant comfort, depending on what different areas are used for and on individual requirements, but savings can be realized by reducing the amount of conditioning directed to little-used rooms.

PerfectTemp Zone Controls

The Space-Gard High Efficiency Air Cleaner is a low-maintenance, inexpensive air filtration system that removes airborne pollutants that throw-away filters cannot trap.
Space-Gard Benefits:
• Reaches 99% Efficiency on Particles 5 Microns or Larger
• 60% Average Efficiency on All Particles
• Provides Allergy Relief
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• Filtering Media Lasts One to Two Years
• Protects Heating and Cooling Equipment
• Absolutely Silent Operation
• Requires No Service Calls
• Uses No Electricity
• Produces No Ozone

Space-Gard Air Cleaner

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